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Event cancellation cover guarantees protection should you be unable to take advantage of your event ticket or hospitality package as a result of the following:

  • Accident, injury or sickness
  • Death within 30 days of the event, including members of your immediate family
  • Travel delay beyond your reasonable control
  • Jury service
  • Strikes, riots, civil commotion, martial law
  • Restricted access to the venue due to flood, fire, explosion or public health and safety considerations
  • Adverse weather conditions which prevent you from reaching the venue
  • Damage to home or place of business which prevents you from attending Inability to attend a re-scheduled event due to a prior engagement
  • Cancellation, abandonment, postponement or relocation of an event
  • Being called away for Military Service

Please note that the points mentioned above are provided as a summary only. Full terms and conditions applying to each are clearly outlined in the here (link to https://sportandmusic.co.uk/event-insurance).

An extended cover option is available for tennis and cricket events guaranteeing protection against inclement weather conditions on the day resulting in:

  • Less than 10 overs play at a 20/20 cricket sporting event
  • Less than 15 overs play at Test or one Day cricket sporting event
  • Less than 2 hours play at a Tennis event

Attendees are NOT covered in the event of the following:

  • Contractual disputes / breaches between parties
  • Inappropriate behaviour by the Insured which may increase the risk of a loss
  • The insured’s failure to comply with the law
  • Fraud, misrepresentation or concealment
  • Threat of or actual hostilities / warfare / war, etc
  • Financial failure / default by any party
  • Lack of or inadequate receipts or sales for the Event
  • Fluctuations in currency
  • Damage resulting from radioactivity Intervention from customs/local/public authorities & government
  • Pollution or contamination
  • Failure to seek appropriate medical intervention
  • Death or injury deemed to be self inflicted
  • Non appearance of any participant
  • Loss arising from influenza or other communicable diseases deemed to be epidemic or pandemic Incidents involving biological or chemical materials
  • Loss of / no play due to adverse weather conditions
  • Attending a music concert where the performing area is not enclosed within a roof and three sides
  • A claim in excess of the limit stated in the schedule
  • Any loss or damage taking place prior to the insured being in the country where the event is to take place.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQ

What is covered for tickets purchased after 1st January 2021?

  • Confirmed infection resulting in the Ticket Holder(s) inability to attend the Event if the Event has not been Cancelled
  • Death of the Ticket Holder(s) or a Dependant from the virus
  • The Ticket Holder(s) have been ordered to self-isolate by a government department or a health service provider (evidence must be provided)
  • The inability of the Ticket Holder(s) to attend an Event due to a government-mandated travel ban in your home region/country being implemented after you purchased the ticket(s) preventing the Ticket Holder(s) attending the Venue.

What is not covered?

  • The fear of attending an Event due to any perceived fear of contracting the virus
  • Self-isolation which has not been ordered by a government department or a health service provider
  • Refunds for an Event cancelled by the Venue or ticket Seller
  • Tickets purchased before the 1st January 2021

Please note that the points mentioned above are provided as a summary only. Full terms and conditions applying to each are clearly outlined here (link to https://sportandmusic.co.uk/event-insurance).

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