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Hungarian Grand Prix

Formula 1 - Hungary Grand Prix - Hungaroring

Friday 2nd August 2019 - Sunday 4th August 2019

Hungarian Grand Prix: VIP Tickets and Hospitality Packages - Hungaroring


Built in 1985 in just 8 months, a few kilometres north-east of the Hungarian capital Budapest under the impetus of Bernie Ecclestone who wanted an Eastern European venue for the F1 Championship. The track is in a huge 110 hectre natural valley, surrounded by 50 hectres of rolling hillside.


With this exceptional natural advantage - being situated in a natural amphitheatre - almost 70 percent of the racetrack is visible from any point. It is called "The Shallow Plate" because the spectators watch the race sitting around the rim of an imaginary plate.


The constantly improving and reconstructed circuit, with its excellent infrastructure, meets the strictest requirements for F1 racing. It is praised by the FOM and FIA who host local car and bike races. It is a popular venue for testing as well as for incentive events. The Hungaroring Circuit meets the highest technical requirements and has became one of the safest race tracks in the world.


It is not only the landscape and the safety that make the circuit popular, but the proximity to a metropolis with its hotels, restaurants and pleasure-grounds where tourists, drivers and the teams will be able to enjoy themselves.


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Hungarian Grand Prix venue
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